Project HOPE

Project HOPE or Health Opportunities for People Everywhere is an organization dedicated to providing sustainable medical solutions to people all across the globe. It was established in 1958. The long lasting solutions are provided by educating the people about the various facets of different medical problems, their cause, their treatments and ways of preventing them from occurring.

Project HOPE, since its inception, has been working hard in order to make healthcare available to people all across the world. The key means of reaching that goal is to educate the health professionals and the community workers. The next feature on which the Project HOPE works tediously is to strengthen health facilities, especially in the backward areas. Their lifesaving services also include prevention and curing of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB and diabetes which, due to inadequate care and medicines which are killing thousands of people.

The volunteers of Project HOPE also provide the requisite humanitarian assistance for curbing and fighting deadly diseases and enhancing the healthcare in backward regions and countries. The volunteer assistance, donated medicines as well as other medical supplies are the main sources of materials and resources for giving shape to their mission.

The healthcare support, education and humanitarian assistance provided by Project HOPE has now reached more than 35 countries. They have been continuously working in different countries of all the continents, especially the ones which require special assistance and emergency care. Recently, the volunteers of Project HOPE have offered medical work and emergency relief to the numerous victims of the devastating earthquake that shook the nation.

The dedication of the volunteers has resulted in some amount of relief for the affected people of the country and has also showed ray of hope for them. Project HOPE has also celebrated the World Humanitarian Day by honoring some of its finest volunteers.


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